April Nature Swap Quest - Earn 5000 Points and Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated this year on April 22nd - less than a week away!

For our April Nature Swap Quest, your challenge is to create a project that will help your community, and celebrate earth day. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and countries all over the world spend the week leading up to earth day learning about animal conservation, making projects from recycled materials or conducting community cleanups.

How will you help your community and celebrate this special holiday? You could start a recycling program at your school, make a plan to donate to a conservation organization or even switch from plastic bottles to a reusable one. Small steps make a big impact!

To earn 5,000 points, bring a drawing, photo or short paragraph of your community action plan into the Nature Swap room at Roger Williams Park Zoo. The Nature Swap is open from 10-2, everyday.

Happy Earth Day!