August Quest - Become a Pollinator Protector!

Happy August Nature Swappers!

With the end of summer nearing, the rain and sun have produced some amazing flowers and plants here in Our Big Backyard and pollinators are everywhere in sight! Pollinators move pollen from one plant to another, causing them to fruit or bud. Pollinators you might see around New England include hummingbirds, bees, bats, butterflies and moths. Pollinators are responsible for ONE OUT OF EVERY THREE BITES OF FOOD WE EAT. We need to work to protect these amazing creatures that do so much for us. To earn 5,000 points for this month's quest, follow the links below to see how you can help create food or habitat for pollinators.

Bring a drawing, photo or journal of how you became a pollinator protector this month to the Nature Swap room, open Wednesday-Sunday 10-1, located in Our Big Backyard at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Happy pollinator protecting!