August Quest-Roger Williams Park "Art for the People's Park" Campaign!

Roger Williams Park Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Providence, has announced the “Art for the People’s Park” campaign in Roger Williams Park. 

“COVID19 has shown how important it is for everyone, in every zip code, to have access to the outdoors and each other,” said Kevin Essington, the Conservancy’s executive director. “The ‘Art for the People’s Park’ campaign will use art, in the Park and remotely, to help everyone re-connect with the Park and their community.”

Submit your art (drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures-whatever you can think of!) of Roger Williams Park to to earn 5000 points this month! Art can be of the Zoo, but doesn't need to! 

Children and adults are invited to share their art of Roger Williams Park! Any photographs, drawings, paintings,etc, can be shared here  (This step is not necessary to earn Nature Swap points.)