February Quest-Finding Animal Tracks!

With snow on the ground, now is a great time to look for animal tracks! Studying tracks is a great way to learn more about an animal. Learning to read tracks can show you an animal's size, what kind of animal it is, and sometimes even if the animal was a male or female! For 5000 points in February, get outside and see if you can find any tracks. Think outside the box-snow and mud aren't the only place to look! (At the Zoo, we see footprints on our trash cans all the time-can you guess who made them?) Email a photo or drawing of your tracks to natureswap@rpwzoo.org, and let us know what kind of animal you think made them! Check out Animal Signs Guide.pdf (fws.gov) to get started!

Can't find any tracks? That's ok! Get out there and make your own. What do your footprints look like? Do they look different if you walk or run? Take a picture of your tracks and send them in!