JULY QUEST Discovering Pollinators

This month, we are going to focus on pollinators.

Here in the big backyard, we have lots of wild pollinators including bees, wasps, hummingbirds and butterflies. Our observation beehive offers the chance to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. For our July quest, it's your turn to get exploring and observing pollinators outside!

To earn 5,000 points, complete the following:

During your visit to an outdoor space, pick a plant that is being visited by pollinators to observe.

While you are watching it, count the number of pollinating insects visiting your plant.

1. Write one sentence that describes your plant.

2. Draw a picture of the plant’s flower.

3. Watch your plant for two minutes. Tally up the number of insects that visit your plant. When your time is up, total up the number of pollinators that visited your plant.

                           Tally                                Total

Butterflies           _______                            ________

Bees                    _______                            ________

Flies                    _______                            ________

Beetles                _______                             ________

Birds                   _______                            ________

Other                  _______                            ________

Grand Total ________

4. Write down any questions that you have about pollination.

Bring your findings to the Nature Swap, located in Hasbro's Our Big Backyard and open 10-1 Friday through Tuesday.

Happy exploring!