March Quest - Signs of Spring

Hello Nature Swappers!

It's hard to believe, but the first official day of spring is next Wednesday, March 20th. As the seasons change yet again, the natural world shifts and awakens in new ways around us.

For this month's quest, we ask that you look for signs of the new season as it emerges next week. What changes do you notice around you that might correspond with the spring season? Do you see buds or small leaves emerging from a tree? Are there crocuses poking out from beneath snow? Are animals more noticeable in your neighborhood? Spend some time outside near where you call home and document your observations of the change into the spring season.

To earn 5,000 points, bring a journal page, photo or drawing of your signs of spring observations to the swap room, located in Our Big Backyard. The Nature Swap is open Thursday to Saturday, 10-1.