November Nature Swap Quest

November Nature Swap Quest: Discovering and Creating Animal Homes

This month’s quest will focus on discovering and creating animal homes. To complete this quest, and receive 5,000 nature swap points, spend some time exploring the natural spaces in your backyard, your street or even your local park. Look for evidence of animal homes. This could be a nest, a burrow, a leaf pile, a deep hole or many other things. Once you find an animal home, draw or photograph it.

To earn 5,000 points, bring a photo or drawing of the animal home you found and a few sentences about how you found it into the Nature Swap in Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard.

Remember to observe and notice but not to touch when looking at wild animals.


For an extra 10,000 quest points, you can make a home for a backyard animal that might need shelter:

Build a bat box:

Build a bird house:

Make a bee house:

Bring in a photo or drawing of your animal shelter, as well as a description of how you built it to earn the extra 10,000 points.

Enjoy and I hope to see you in the Nature Swap soon!