October Nature Swap Quest: New England Geology

October Nature Swap Quest: New England Geology

New England has some incredible geological formations and a rich geological history. There are some really unique rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils underneath our feet and towering over our heads. There are rocks that are only found in Rhode Island and nowhere else on the planet like Cumberlandite. There are also rocks, minerals and crystals first identified in Rhode Island like Bowenite. There have even been fossils found in Rhode Island that are over 300 million years old! Crystals and incredible rocks and minerals like this can be found all over New England.

For this quest, we are going to explore our rich geological history. Go out in your backyard, neighborhood or a local park and find the BIGGEST rock you can find without digging for it. Make some observations of this rock. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What features make this rock really interesting and different? Is it located near other rocks, or by itself?  

To earn 5000 points for this quest you will need to:

  • Find the biggest rock you can and make some observations about it.
  • Take a photo or draw a picture of this rock AND
  • Write a journal page OR
  •  Create a piece of nature art

Bring your findings into the nature swap, which is open Friday to Monday from 10-2.

Please remember to be safe while observing your rock. Leave any natural spaces just as you found them.

Have fun!