September Nature Swap Challenge

Hello Nature Swappers!

For this month’s challenge, we are going to be exploring the natural areas outside our homes, in our local parks and even in our school playgrounds. The start of fall is fast approaching, and as the season changes, we can start to notice the changing colors in the trees around our homes and schools.

With winter approaching, there is less light and water for trees to make food, so their leaves change color and fall off.  To earn points for this challenge, go outside anywhere that you see a tree that is starting to lose leaves. Look around on the ground around you, and try to find ten different colors of leaves. Make sure to collect leaves that have already fallen, and not leaves that are still attached to the tree.

Collect leaves of any color: green, yellow, purple, red or whichever colors you notice. To have the 5,000 points added to your account, you must bring in a photo of the leaves or a collage using the leaves to the Nature Swap.

Nature Swap is located in Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard at The Roger Williams Park Zoo, and is open 10-2 every day until October 1st, when the hours change to Friday through Monday, 10-2.

Happy collecting and happy fall!