Welcome Spring - March Online Quest

Hello nature swappers,

Spring begins this Thursday. Even though we have had a mild winter, Spring brings an abundance of changes to the landscape around us. Buds and flowers emerge, animals become more active, and we may see many other signs of new life starting.

Spring is a wonderful reminder of the many “firsts” that we see in nature: things that are new and starting or growing again.

For this month’s quest, please use the attached sheet to observe the outdoors in the way that works best for you: look out your window, spend time in your backyard, or on a walk.

Share the “firsts” that you notice and write a little about what was different from the winter months with the plant/animal/landscape you observed.

To earn 5,000 points, please email a photo of your sheet, a photo of what you saw, or some of your observations to natureswap@rwpzoo.org.

Your points will be added to your account digitally.

Happy spring, and warm regards from the Nature Swap team.