July Quest-Shark Appreciation Day!

July 14th is Shark Awareness Day! Sharks and their "cousins", skates and rays, are a huge and diverse group of more than 1000 different species. Although often misunderstood, sharks are fascinating animals with an important role to play in our ecosystem! To earn 5,000 points in July, find out 3 new facts about sharks and send them (along with any shark appreciation drawings, journal pages, or other art!) to natureswap@rwpzoo.org.


For bonus points, check out the "Shark Personality Quiz" by the AZA Shark SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) group! Follow the link below, and send us your results to earn an additional 1000 points this month.


Search For Your Inner Shark | Take the Quiz | QuizMaker (quiz-maker.com)